Let’s Talk About Recycling

Let’s Talk About Recycling

Some may say that we, as the whole of human beings, have gone too far. We produce more than we need, throw away plastic, glass and paper- as if no tree had to die for that paper, no sand was wasted for our glass, and that the plastic is good for the environment. Endangered Species International have spent a great deal of time and resources to talk about the  dangers of our way of life and talk about recycling.

The Recycling Generation

It’s not true to say that we are now recycling more than previous generations. It is true to say that the information about the need for recycling has increased in the passed few years… You can see it in street corners, in the form of the special garbage cans for paper, plastic and glass… But that is for MASS recycling.
Our family members who are older than us- got recycling to a higher level of accuracy. We can take, purchase, buy and than throw to the right trash- but they were minimizing the production all together.

Years ago, if you wanted to get a new bottle of milk, you would have brought the old milk bottle, after washing and sanitizing it, to the milkman for a refill. That was recycling. Our older generation’s paper bags were used several times, and were saved for occasions like packing and moving your household around. Old jars were used for home product making- and so on and so on.

The Real Meaning Of Recycling

As I was visiting the new pub that was opened next to my building I so the most amazing soul there. A true recycler. The owner of the pub used old pieces of wood and carved them in a way that would fit the wall and create amazing wall decoration. He also used old car wheels and metal cans and transformed them into amazing and unique bar seats and comfortable chairs.

I learn more and more everyday about people who do these kind of things… Taking old ingredients and making them into something new. You could brows the web and search for DIY manuals that will shed some light about your home decor recycling options… Ideas like using old rope to create a unique look to your mirror, take an old pair of jeans and turn them into a pocket-picture, and much more. But if you are not the DIY person

You Can Join The Cause And Purchase Recycled Items!

I am an Etsy fan, that’s no secret. I love to see what other people are creating, and order things that I know are unique. When I got my head into recycling, I came across this amazing Etsy store called Aramica. Aramica store is one of the best places to find recycled handmade items and achieve 2 things with one order- having a unique item to decorate your house and also helping save our planet. From all the amazing things I saw on this UK based store, I had to share this picture with you:

Not only cause I have a thing for handmade clocks, but also cause this is my favourite beverage! Loving the taste of Bombay Gin, I think that if I had this clock in my house I would always remember the amazing 5-o’clock time- when you are socially “allowed” to start drinking! Click on the image and see more amazing products by Aramica, all handmade and save the environment!

Let’s Talk About Recycling
Let’s Talk About Recycling

It’s A Joint Effort

No one can save the planet alone (Well, maybe Superman can…) so we all have to pitch in. Do what you can… Try to get less shopping bags at the supermarket, throw away trash to designated recycling bins, create what you can- and purchase recycled items if you don’t have the skills to do this yourself!

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