3 Sisters That Create Wonders From Up-cycled Fabrics

Up-cycled Fabrics

Our world has it’s own very limited supply of “goods”, and one day- we might find ourselves in a dying planet, with no resources. The high increase in consumerism is a big part of that- people constantly buy things they don’t need, things that hurt our environment and end up not even using them! However, some brilliant men and women accross our planet choose differently– they choose to make/buy only items that are re-purposed, or up-cycled … Meaning- items that are made from a previous item in a different form.

You might think that these items are dirty or in poor quality- but the truth is that some people out there have learned to take used items and materials and transform them into something else- with perfection! Such people are the 3 sisters who own 3greensisters Etsy store.

Suzanne Kinavey from Oregon, and her 2 sisters- design, cut and sew their store’s products using up-cycled and re-purposed fabrics. The create beautiful table linen, knitting bags, yoga bags, everyday bags, and purses, using fabrics which have had a prior life or destined for landfill. These 3 sisters truly form a “green” company and believe it or not- this family business has been around, in various forms, for the past 124 years- as the 3 sisters come from a line of seamstresses that goes 3 generations back!

However, don’t take my word for it- see for yourselves what amazing items you could find in the 3greensisters Etsy store: (It was hard for me to choose since they have over 500!!)

The best looking pillow covers you’ve ever seen

Everyday use bags

Special placement sets

As I mentioned above- these 3 wonderful sisters have more than 50 items in their store- so go check it out now to find your next table linen, beach/yoga bag- or anything else you need- without harming the environment!

 Up-cycled Fabrics
Up-cycled Fabrics

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