Pink Christine Daae Masquerade Dress Cosplay Costume

Pink Christine Daae Masquerade Dress

One of my all time favorite movies is Phantom of the Opera, and Christine Daae is the reason why. The iconic character of Christine Daae was played throughout the years by many talented performers, in the movies, as well as on live stage. And in all of the time that Christine Daae was shown – it was always the unique dresses and outfits she wore- that made her performance.

One of the most memorable Christine Daae dresses, was the amazingly eye catching pink dress she wore for the masquerade ball. And if you want to BE Christine Daae in your next cosplay event, theme party, or Halloween- her pink dress is exactly what you need!

In a website called Coserz you’ll be able to find a creative pink dress, inspired to be the perfect Christine Daae costume- made to fit your size!
This pink Christine Daae dress, like all of the amazing dresses and cosplay costumes on Coserz, can be made with your body measurements, to make sure it’s the perfect fit!
Not only does this mean that this dress will fit you like a glove, but it also means that any woman can be Christine Daae- even if her body type is smaller than average, or plus size!

Pink Christine Daae Masquerade Dress
Pink Christine Daae Masquerade Dress

Christine Daae pink dress- not just for cosplay

Even though this dress was made for cosplayers & Halloween, this is simply an elegant princess dress, that you can order and wear for your quinceanera, as a maid of honor, or for a fabulous wedding vows renewal ceremony!

On top of this dress being absolutely stunning- it’s also a part of the Coserz website wide sale, of 10% off your order when you type in Coupon code: Coserz10%off (Minimum purchase of $159).

Check out Coserz for this Pink Christine Daae
Masquerade Dress Cosplay Costume, and more!

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