10 Proofs That Plus Size Women Are Amazing- By Bonanza

Plus Size Women Are Amazing

If you need something a little bit bigger to wear than an EU size 38- you might find yourself locked out of the online shopping scene. There are so many stores these days that sell only petit Asian sizes, and don’t address to REAL plus size women. Even the stores that do offer you the occasional XL shirt, will show you how it looks on an XS model- making it no easier for you to try to understand how will it appear on your body.

The Women Team decided to salute all of your plus size beauties in this special post with items we found at Bonanza online shopping store- with real plus sizes and plus size beauties! So here are the top 10 pictures proving that plus size beauties- are just HOT! (click on the image to see the item at the online store, or click here for the store’s full collections and homepage)

#1 – Sexy girl with a blue overall ! 
A great item that is normally marketed for smaller women- but looks so amazing on this plus size beauty!

#2 – Sexy Pirat!  We know the Halloween is over, but you should defiantly keep Bonanaza in your bookmarks for the next one… Its so hard to find online Halloween costumes online in a plus size- and this one is simply smashing!

Plus Size Women Are Amazing
Plus Size Women Are Amazing


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