90’s Trend Just Came Back JUMBO with these XL Scrunchies!

I think every few months or so I write about an Etsy seller that sells something that takes me back in time, to the magically fashionable 90’s! One of my favorite trends growing up in the 80’s-90’s was the SCRUNCHIE !

That magical piece of fabric, wrapped around a stretchy cord, to be used as a statement hair band for my ever so long ponytail! However, this time I am back to being nostalgic- but to a scrunchie i wish I had seen growing up- the JUMBO scrunchie!

Crazy Extra Large Scrunchies

GStoneBoutique Etsy shop, and it’s owner Yamama, have stolen my heart forever with an amazing collection of Extra large scrunchies! I mean, these babies might look like regular scrunchies when you just see a photo of them alone- but as Yamama shows them on her hands and hair- these oversized scrunchies are simply addictive!
Just check out this video Yamama made featuring her current giant scrunchies collection:

If you’re trying to compare these giant scrunchies to the old 90’s scrunchies trend- you need to take that one- and multiple it by 3! Yup, these oversized scrunchies are 3 times the size of a normal scrunchie- and they are super fun and come in a variety of styles, colors & fabrics.

Custom XL Scrunchies

While most people think that custom items on Etsy means having your name placed on a mug- customization can be done in almost any shop- if the owner wishes to make something special based on individual person’s needs!
If you like to have a specific XL scrunchie made by Yamama, if you want to find out what fabric types she has, what colors, and even ask for a specific type of fabric and color for her to make the scrunchie of your dreams- just contact her via her Etsy shop– and she’d be happy to make both you, and your hair- happy!

Hop on to GStoneBoutique Etsy shop
for more XL giant scrunchies!

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