Vintage Illustrations & Tattoos Are The Inspiration For This Jewellery Maker

A big part of why I love Etsy so much is the fact that you could find so many different things there. With normal retail stores the trends are set, and everything pretty much looks the same, but Etsy has the inspiration factor. Different sellers get their inspiration from different things, creating the perfect green-house for amazing ideas and jewellery decorations.

I came across a unique store that uses illustrations and tattoos as their inspiration for a jewellery line that will blow you away! The store is called Little Rats Boutique, and all products there are handmade with love, and shipped to you, worldwide, from Vaasa, Finland.
So take a look at why I love this store so much:

My absolute favourite item is this amazing anatomic heart necklace, so different than normal heart pendant necklaces:

Check Little Rats Boutique’s social channels for some extra inspiration:
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