How To Choose Your Zen Necklace…

I am a big fan of zen jewelry & birthstone jewelry, and a true believer of the power of a person’s amulet. Being This passion for me is here for a long time, and when I saw Kirsty Jones’ jewelry- I knew I had to purchase something… So, as I am writing this post I am looking through her store and thinking- what should I get?

So… Kirsty, by the time you’ll be reading this you’ve probably seen my order in your Etsy store… I just want you to know why I chose the necklace I did, and show my readers- how to choose your Zen Necklace!

How to choose a pendent/ necklace online?

Well, my first instinct was to search for my birthstone. I was born in June, so my birthstones (according to various sources) are: Pearl, Moonstone & Alexandrit.

I never felt much connection to these stones, and to be honest- I have always hated pearls. I love rose quartz jewelry the most, I think the colours are so beautiful and it looks great with every outfit.

I remember seeing pearl necklaces on movie stars growing up, but I grew up in a way that didn’t really understand the whole “fancy-fancy” lifestyle. Of course, they’re not going to be for everyone; I must say, I find even a custom necklace with name on it to be just as pretty as other forms of jewellery.
However, seeing this pearl and buttons necklace on Kirsty’s store- warmed my heart:

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