Michelle Cadreau’s Jewels

Michelle Cadreau’s Jewels

Suppose you’re looking for some interesting Christmas gifts to give to a female friend or family member (or even for yourself). In that case, you should defiantly check out Michelle Cadreau’s jewels Etsy store, CadreausCreations.

In her store, Michelle sells a variety of jewelry related items… From necklaces to beads, from gold to silver, from metal to stone- she sells it all!

Michelle Cadreau’s Jewels
Michelle Cadreau’s Jewels


Michelle enjoys reading, knitting, embroidery, and drawing in her spare time, but her true love and passion is jewelry design, and you can see that just by looking at the love and attention she provides each one of her items!

Shipping her jewelry from Canada, Michelle has a beautiful collection of one of a kind bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more! Her items all have that vintage look and class every woman is looking for in her signature jewelry accessories.

sale-15-95-cts-14k-yellow-gold-bracelets-for-women-cuff-bracelet-gold-filled-bracelet-cuff-bracelet-womans-bracelet-gold-filled-jewelry-351x185-6951272 55-cts-silver-bracelet-sterling-silver-bracelet-unisex-silver-bracelet-charm-bracelet-birthday-gift-sterling-silver-linked-bracelet-351x185-4800330

Michelle’s store is great for people who like to make their own jewelry items, and the jewels and mineral rocks from her store would make a great gift to any DIY buff or spiritual soul.

natural-aquamarine-beads-semi-precious-beads-genuine-aquamarine-gemstone-beads-semi-precious-gemstone-beads-blue-beryl-beads-stone-beads-351x185-2830917 14-60-cts-tourmaline-mineral-rock-natural-bicolor-rock-rough-stone-rock-rare-gemstone-rock-gemstones-gemstone-rock-specimen-mineral-351x185-7356182 150-04-cts-tourmaline-mineral-rock-natural-pink-rock-rough-stone-rock-rare-gemstone-rock-gemstones-pink-gemstone-rock-specimen-mineral-351x185-2426548
20-45-cts-tourmaline-mineral-rock-natural-pink-rock-rough-stone-rock-rare-gemstone-rock-gemstones-pink-gemstone-rock-specimen-mineral-351x185-1975584 110-cts-natural-pink-banded-agate-agate-gemstone-natural-gemstone-gemstone-pink-gemstone-natural-oval-gemstone-351x185-6908374 125-cts-natural-blue-lace-agate-designer-agate-gemstone-lot-natural-gemstone-agate-gemstone-natural-cushion-gemstone-africa-cabochons-351x185-9612117

Michelle’s jewelry and stones could also be used for spiritual protection, like the lovely blue protective store you see at the top of the post. You can see more of her beautiful collection and see what previous buyers had to say about her products- in her Etsy store!

Happy Holiday shopping!

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