Sparkle Girl, New York Style

Sparkle Girl, New York Style

Your outfit will never be complete without the right jewelry items. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are simply that IT factor that can turn a regular denim and white Tshirt look- into a stylish outfit. Introducing the Sparkle Girl, New York Style. One of my favorite places to go shop for new jewelry is ETSY.

Handmade with LOVE

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods, making it possibly the biggest web search engine for crafts and handmade items worldwide.
What I love most about Etsy is the fact that you could access sellers from far away countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Thailand, and more exotic and unique places, while most of what you see in the western world, US, Canada, Australia– is essentially the same.

So, I was out looking for unique jewelry items, statement necklaces, signature pendants and generally jewelry pieces I wouldn’t see any day… And I found some amazing necklaces that I just have to share with you gals:

The shapes are awesome, the style is SO UNIQUE! I mean, a razor for a necklace? A crown ring on your neck? And the thing is, that as much as I talk about having access to store from exotic places in the world– both of these necklace are actually… Made in the USA!

Etsy has a little piece of heaven inside, and its name is: Chillatto.

Chillatto is a super awesome Etsy boutique, and a part of the bigger Chillatto brand, making this store a part of a bigger manufacturing adventure.
I love that this seller, that already has a website, has chosen to open a store on Etsy, making these amazing handmade pieces even more accessible to women from all over the world. So now, any woman in the world could enjoy beautiful jewelry pieces, made in the BIG APPLE city of NY.

And these pieces are so special- and oh, so different from each other:

Chillatto Vision by creator Osnat Gad:

I wanted to create an ever moving style of gemstone jewelry that can be worn with t-shirts under runway jackets or the mix of high and low for everyday. With the spirit of the jewelry industry and my vision of how jewelry should be worn, I was challenged to create work infused with beauty, originality and a femininity that will be powerful and meaningful for the women and men who will wear them to compliment their lifestyle. My experience and love of gem stones has a profound effect on fashion. My sense of propriety, romance and historicism narrates the ideals of beauty, value and conveying emotions.

Chillatto was inspired the way women want to look by allowing for all sorts of seemingly contradictory impulses – fun, opulence and femininity.

Chillatto has some unique items, ones you wouldn’t see everyday, but they also make items that could easily match if you buy them together, creating a set-look, like these earrings and ring with a beautiful pink stone:

A lot of the items in this special store can also be customized and made to fit the color and material of your choosing. Like in this case, where you have an amazing ring that’s available in 3 different variations:

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see a seller with such creativity, a store that is so into being different, and an Etsy boutique that I think any woman would be able to find something in!
So, I’ll leave you to it- get on Etsy and find out more about this store, the prices and the available collections.
You could also find more amazing and special jewelry pieces on Chillatto’s official website, their Instagram page, Pinterest and Twitter!

Sparkle Girl, New York Style
Sparkle Girl, New York Style

Special deals and promos await for you in Chillatto’s social media- so follow up and get your unique NYC made jewelry today!


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