Detailed diet for fitness

Detailed diet for fitness

Detailed diet for fitness; what do fitness models eat?? Find out how you can improve your body dehydration with an aggressive diet that can lead to up to 10 kg of weight in 40 days. The advanced bodybuilding diet we’ll discuss is a modified PSMF (Very Low-Calorie Food Program) diet. In its classical form, it assumed the use of high-fat foods containing protein mixtures, small amounts of carbohydrates and fats, vegetables, and vitamins.

During the PSMF’s popularity, several deaths were recorded among its supporters. This nutrition plan was based on a liquid food exchange. The reason for the end of people was that the manufacturer of substitutes used poor quality protein compounds that did not have the perfect amino acid profile to reduce the final product cost.

In addition, these cocktails lacked minerals and vitamins that would enter the body through traditional food. Therefore, the lack of protein compounds caused the atrophy of the heart muscles, and the lack of vitamins led to cardiac arrhythmias. In other words, the whole point was not in the nutritional plan but in the products that people consumed. When quality food was consumed while using PSMF, no problems were observed.

Estimated effects of a high-intensity diet

An intense bodybuilder’s average daily caloric expenditure is 400–1200 calories, mainly provided by protein compounds. It is usually the same ketogenic nutrition program that is fat-free. It should keep in mind that this nutritional plan leads to a severe energy system in the body, the size of which depends on the person’s initial weight and activity.

Knowing this lets, you anticipate what results await you when you use it. Let’s say that a person who weighs 80 kilos and leads an average activity to maintain weight usually needs about 2700 calories. When PSMF is used with an 800-calorie diet, the energy deficit can be about two thousand calories per day and weekly – 14 thousand.

Thus, within 14 days, he will be able to lose about four kilograms of mass. Of course, it will not be only fat mass; this number will also include a certain percentage of dry. People who eat massively will lose more weight; if your starting weight is less than 80 kilos, the fat will not start so actively.

The essence of this nutritional plan is to burn fat more slowly than other extreme weight loss methods. However, for health, it is better to get rid of fat gradually, even if it takes longer.

When to use a heavy diet?

There are times in life when it pays to take advantage of a robust nutrition plan. However, one should remember again that the ideal diet is a smooth fat loss and should be comfortable and balanced for you.

But say, if you are getting married soon, the desire to improve your appearance is entirely understandable. It can also apply to representatives of creative professions (actors) and, of course, athletes.

Detailed diet for fitness
Detailed diet for fitness

Detailed diet for fitness

The best way to apply an intensive diet is so-called “overclocking.” Still, you should switch to a moderate nutrition program intended for the long term. Almost all fad diets do not give quick and tangible results, which can throw a person off balance. We always want to lose weight quickly, but a sensible diet plan does not allow this to be achieved.

If, for example, you are losing half a kilo per week, then you will want to bring this process to kilos. Similar desires are also fueled by the media, talking about people who have lost tens of kilos within a week. So, start fighting overweight with an intensive nutrition program. You will get quick and noticeable results that will give you the strength to make further progress. It should also say that this diet is based on traditional foods and not cocktails like PSMF. You will need to gradually increase your intake of the “right” foods. As a result, you will change your attitude towards nutrition.

It is inevitable if we talk about using a heavy diet in bodybuilding. Every athlete wants to be in peak shape before the start of the competition, although this may not be very good for the body. Most of the time, preparation for a tournament takes two to three months, but it can fall behind your schedule. For example, the body fat percentage was higher than expected at the beginning of the preparation phase.

There can be many reasons for this, and now we do not remember them. With a great nutrition plan in your diet, you can shed decent fat in two weeks and even possibly achieve your prep plan. It is necessary to get rid of fat for bodybuilders and representatives of those sports that are divided into weight categories.

Athletes often have to use a lot of strength to stay in their category. In fact, their chances of success may be significantly lower in more challenging situations. In this case, you can also use an intensive nutrition plan a few weeks before the tournament.


These are just a few reasons a high-fat diet may benefit you. For example, it is often necessary to lose weight before surgery to reduce the risk. You should follow a healthcare professional while using this nutritional program. Should prescribe no diet plan on its own. Sometimes detailed diet for fitness, it is easier for people to follow a short, intense diet than to stay moderate for a long time.

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