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Worm oil: How to use worm oil for hair

worm oil for hair

Worm oil for hair, its purpose, composition, and beneficial properties. Recipes for masks for the growth of curls against hair loss, split ends, and dandruff at home. Snake hair oil is a substance obtained from the fat of a worm scraped off the inner wall of the skin. First used the substance’s life-giving properties in ancient China, which was considered a universal medicine for all ailments. Later, it began to be actively used as a basis for producing all kinds of cosmetics.

Description and purpose of snake fat

Recognized the healing benefits of anthelmintic in ancient China. Actively used them to create medicines for various diseases such as smallpox. However, the research into the properties of snake products continues today.

Application in the cosmetics field began much later. Ancient sages noticed the wound-healing properties of worm fat. They began using it to combat problem areas on people’s skin. After using it, there was a significant improvement in the skin’s condition, gaining smoothness and a healthy glow.

Later, the benefits of snake venom for hair were also pointed out, including the normalization of metabolic processes, the restoration of damaged hair follicles, and the regeneration of properties that led to the normal condition of the hairline.

Today, snake oil is a product of production in the Middle or the Far East. Products manufactured in Turkey, China, Japan, Pakistan, and India are currently widespread in the American market. To make masks, you can use both oils directly and synthetic ointments.

Composition and components of worm oil for hair

Snake hair oil is most often derived from cobra oil, which is rich in nutrients, including:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids … Give your curls enough nutrition and energy.
  • Vitamins from groups A, B, E, and D … give our hairline all the necessary elements for average growth and also control the scalp’s oil glands. The curls get additional elasticity and volume.
  • Antioxidants … regulate metabolic processes at the cellular level, and participate in removing harmful compounds from the skin cells of the head.
  • Antiseptic ingredients … have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects.

In addition to fat, snakeskin particles, plant components, and cobra venom, widely known for its medicinal properties and a significant set of beneficial trace elements, are often added to the oil.

Benefits of worm oil for hair

The popularity of using snake oil for hair in cosmetics and procedures is due to its beneficial properties, including:

  • Antiseptic and wound healing … help fight dandruff, seborrhea, scars, ulcers, and various head skin diseases.
  • Moisturizing and optimized metabolic processes … They solve the negative consequences of dryness or, conversely, high-fat content in the scalp.
  • Renewal and strengthening … Eliminates the problem of split ends, gives the hair a healthy color, strengthens it, and increases its density.
  • Stimulating … Promotes the growth of a new hairline.
  • Protective … Help protect curls from the adverse effects of the environment, including UV rays.

Systematic use of worm oil can give curls a healthy shine and shine and revitalize damaged strands, even in the perfect case.

Contraindications to using snake oil for hair

The oil is suitable for all types of the scalp. In addition, the systematic use of this tool can improve metabolic processes inside the epidermis at the microcellular level, relieve the ends of curls from fragility and strengthen them, and have a regenerative effect on damaged hair cells.

However, there are some examples where it is better to avoid using worm oil:

  • Open and severe wounds on the scalp … In this case, the drug can have an unpleasant, painful effect and lead to aggravation of the condition.
  • Allergic reactions … Snake oil for hair are a natural product, and allergic reactions to it are rare. Still, no one is immune to such effects. Therefore, it is recommended to test a small amount of the product for a small amount of use on the skin before the first use and massage it thoroughly. This product is safe to use if there are no signs of allergy on the skin within thirty minutes.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding… Hair products with snake venom are not recommended for pregnant women, as there is no detailed information on their effects on the growing body.

Attention! If you experience severe burning or itching, skin irritation, or health deterioration immediately after applying, rinse your head and hair with plenty of warm water.

Snake Oil Hair Mask Recipes

Snake venom has a healing and therapeutic effect. Therefore, masks with such oil have gained popularity among people with weak hair.

Snake oil masks for hair growth

Masks, prepared independently from natural ingredients, are characterized by their valuable properties, are not difficult to use, and do not require significant financial investments, such as specialized cosmetics to strengthen curls.

Snake oil for hair growth is used as the main ingredient in the following masks:

  • One part … The oil must be warmed between the palms and massaged thoroughly into the scalp.
  • Onion … Using a blender, you need to grind two onions to a peaceful state. Squeeze the juice from the resulting gruel, sift its remains, and add one spoonful of honey and a spoonful of worm oil.
  • Egg honey … Choose the yolk, then beat and add a large spoonful of lemon juice, plus five grams of honey and worm oil. Blend the resulting mixture until smooth.
  • Oil … Amla (Indian gooseberry) oil is mixed with snake oil in a ratio of 2:1.
  • Vitamins … In snake oil for hair mix, you can buy a few drops of vitamins A, E, and C. Vitamins in liquid or oily form for such a mask at any pharmacy.
  • Cinnamon mask … Mix a tablespoon of worm oil with ten grams of dry cinnamon powder. Dilute the resulting mixture with half a glass of cooled boiling water. Carefully pour the protein into the mix, and beat with a mixer.

Important! For adequate scalp nutrition, it is better to alternate masks to provide sufficient food to the epidermis.

Mask with snake oil against hair loss

Snake venom is very effective against hair loss. Therefore, before spending money on expensive cosmetics, try to do one of the following masks regularly.

Recipes for masks using snake oil for hair:

  • Fermented milk … To do it, heat a glass of kefir in a microwave oven to 40 degrees. Then add one egg yolk, a large spoonful of worm oil, and 50 grams of colorless henna. Then bring the mixture to a homogeneous state with a blender.
  • Yeast … One large spoon of burdock oil is mixed with a scoop of worm oil, then 30 grams of dry yeast and a little bee honey are added to the oil mixture. The resulting mass is brought to a homogeneous state and quickly applied to the strands at the roots and scalp.
  • Brandy … It is good to separate the yolk of a chicken egg from the proteins. Add a glass of brandy and a small spoonful of lemon juice and worm oil. Beat the mixture with a mixer.
  • Vitamins … Add three drops of vitamins B6 and B12 to snake hair oil.
  • Gelatinous … Mix two tablespoons of worm oil and two tablespoons of gelatin. Add two egg yolks to the mixture and stir. Leave the mixture for thirty minutes, then beat again and apply to the strands.

Snake venom contains many nourishing elements for hair, so after the first use of the masks, you will feel how your curls are transformed.

Snake oil mask for split ends

The problem of split ends is familiar to many owners of beautiful hair. Snake hair oil will regenerate and strengthen the weak lots of your curls.

Snake Oil Split Ends Mask Recipes:

  • Tea room … In a glass of weakly brewed tea, add worm oil to 20 grams, a tablespoon of dry colorless henna, and one egg yolk. Mix everything well so that no lumps remain.
  • Carrot … Add one tablespoon of carrot juice to two tablespoons of worm oil.
  • Oil … Mix oils in equal amounts: snake, burdock, and almond. Then add a few drops of fish oil.
  • Burdock root mask … Grind the burdock root with a mixer or meat grinder into a paste. After that, the flour is poured into a glass of worm oil. Should keep such a mixture for a day and a half in a dark, dry place, then boiled and filtered from large parts.
  • Sea buckthorn … Mix the sea buckthorn oil with a small snake equally.
  • Honey … Add a teaspoon of worm oil and a few drops of wheat germ oil to a spoonful of bee honey. To stir thoroughly.

Important! All of the masks listed against split ends should be spread over the entire length of the strands and also massaged into the scalp.

worm oil for hair
worm oil for hair

Anti-dandruff snake oil masks

Snake venom for hair is used not only for resuscitation but also for the treatment of various diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff.

Recipes against dandruff:

  • Garlic … You must crush seven garlic cloves and mix them with three tablespoons of worm oil.
  • Beetroot … You need to cut small beetroots with a grater and squeeze them out of the juice from the resulting pulp. Then mix the beetroot juice with two tablespoons of worm oil. This mask is unsuitable for fair hair, as the red liquid has an intense pigment.
  • Sour cream … Add one spoonful of honey, aloe juice, and wormwood oil to a glass of sour cream. Mix everything well and apply to the scalp.
  • Nettle vinegar … Brew a tablespoon of nettle leaves in a glass and let it brew for thirty minutes. And then, add a tablespoon of vinegar and worm oil for hair to the resulting infusion.
  • Calendula Vein Mask … Mix equal parts calendula alcohol and worm oil.

Regular use of these masks will quickly make you forget about dandruff. If you feel some numbness in your skin during the procedure, don’t worry: this is a temporary effect of an evil worm that is entirely harmless in a certain amount for humans.

Advice! If dandruff is very itchy, you can freeze a mixture of green tea and a few drops of wormwood oil. Then run the parting gently with ice cubes.

How to apply snake oil mask on hair

Should prepare masks with snake oil only in clean dishes. Ensure all the necessary equipment (mixer, grater, mixer, meat grinder) is available.

Before using the mask, the hair should be washed thoroughly, shaken out, and then dried with a towel, removing the remaining moisture.


  • Make a mask with snake oil at least twice a week.
  • For the poison worm to work against hair loss, the show should be heated in a microwave oven to 30 degrees, then wrap the head with foil and a towel.
  • Do not leave the mixture on your hair for more than 40 minutes.
  • Rinse off the mass with warm water and shampoo. Can not remove oily consistency with water alone. When the washing protection is washed off, it is permissible to use water at room temperature.
  • Be careful not to get the mask on your clothing. Many of these ingredients do not wash well.


Worm oil is not only one of the best remedies for strengthening loose curls, but it can also help fight hair loss, restore its structure, and get rid of dandruff. In addition, the material is suitable for unruly styling strands. You must rub a little oil between the palms and apply it to the curls along the entire length.

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