Mineral water on the face; How to use it?

Mineral water on the face

Mineral water on the face; is it suitable? How can you use the product to preserve youth and beauty? Are there any contraindications for use? Honest criticism of the procedures.

Mineral water on the face is an effective remedy for skin care, beauty preservation, and youth extension. Thanks to its precious composition, it helps to maintain a radiant appearance with minimal effort. There are subtleties in using such a device, which is essential to learn about before using mineral water in cosmetology.

Benefits of mineral water on the face

By the way, mineral water has been used for a long time in Japan and Korea to produce cosmetic masks and tonics on an industrial scale. Unsurprisingly, girls are ready for home experiments with high-quality water.

If you believe the story, it all started with the Japanese spas, the first to use mineral water to treat skin conditions. Then they started adding it to the regular bath by the bath. Manufacturers offered a concentrated powder with minerals. It is an alternative to bottled water. It is easier to stir such a product in the tub and combine business with pleasure.

It should be noted that some eminent experts advocate washing with mineral water. Roberta Del Campo presents her arguments in support of such a decision. It is a dermatologist from Miami. A woman focuses primarily on the pH value. If we take ordinary tap water, its acidity is 7-7.5. Simply put, this is too much for our skin – it becomes dry. After all, it is customary to consider a pH value in the range of 5.5 as a healthy standard.

The acidity of the mineral water corresponds to this level. Therefore, it is ideal for facial treatments. Since the composition contains gases, this , and thanks to the minerals, the skin.

Del Campo considers it favorable that the water is sold carbonated. Due to this, the effect of vasodilation is observed. It has many positive consequences:

  • Circulation activation;
  • Improve cell nutrition;
  • Adequate oxygen supply to the skin;
  • Better perception of cosmetics;
  • Beginning of regeneration processes.

Visually, the girls themselves notice how it feels to massage the face with mineral water which causes an increase in energy. By awakening the skin with such a treatment, you can quickly notice how a healthy color and radiance return to it.

These are not all the benefits of mineral water. Experts recommend using it for washing, if only because it doesn’t contain all those harmful additives like in tap water. Instead, it includes a unique cocktail that can be useful.

Thanks to the numerous minerals, hydration and blood circulation improvement are noticed, with a refreshing effect. Just washing your face helps to strengthen the immune system; after the procedure, there is no unpleasant feeling of tightness, which girls complain about when washing with tap water.

Contraindications and harm of mineral water on the face

In most cases, mineral water for facial skin will only be beneficial. And yet, there are situations when you have to refuse it. For example, if you have an allergic reaction to mineral water.

Acute inflammation of the skin is another reason to postpone the operation. Infectious diseases accompanied by an increase in temperature are not the best background for experiments.

Introducing such a remedy in your cosmetic store is worth observing the skin’s reaction. Cosmetologists recommend using water not constantly but at two-week intervals. It is essential to avoid addiction.

How to choose mineral water for the face?

You need a better quality product to ensure the benefits of washing with mineral water. You shouldn’t buy the cheapest mineral water in a plastic bottle. More trust in products in glass containers because they are more difficult to counterfeit.

Before you wipe your face with mineral water, you need to pick it up competently:

  • If the skin is dry or routine, it is better to take a product with a medium or low mineral level. It means that there are up to 500 mg of salts per liter.
  • If a girl’s face shines due to excessive activity of salt glands, she can take more dripping water.
  • For dry skin, slightly mineralized mineral water is recommended, which helps regulate the acid-base balance.

The effect of using mineral water also depends on its saturation with gases. The more they are, the more noticeable the result will be. If you want a gentle effect, it’s worth leaving the bottle of mineral water open before use. Then excess gases disappear, and the water becomes very soft and delicate.

When choosing a product, you must pay attention to the inscriptions on the label. There are two types of products on sale:

  • Mineral water … is a product of natural origin. The water is naturally rich in minerals. It is extracted from springs and bottled. The best mineral water for the face is bottled straight from the source. That is, the label must have the same extraction and filling point.
  • Mineral water … Loaded with minerals in the laboratory. It is also beneficial but not as well absorbed by the skin as the natural mineral from the source.

The best mineral water for the face depends on the skin type. You can purposefully choose mineral water that helps to deal with specific cosmetic problems. For example, calcium helps restore the elasticity of the epidermis. It also destroys inflammation and regulates sebaceous glands. Magnesium stimulates the production of collagen fibers. Thanks to potassium, you can forget peeling; it returns softness and silkiness to the skin. Silicon dioxide is an anti-aging compound. It strengthens the spongy cells, meaning wrinkles will not appear on the face soon.

Ways to use mineral water on the face

Just washing your face with mineral water is excellent. But it is better to do this with knowledge and observe specific sensitivity. However, you can significantly expand the arsenal of valuable procedures for the skin. A bottle of good mineral water can become the basis of various strengthening and healing sessions.

Wash with mineral water

Minerals can be used to wash your face in many ways. The simplest option is to scoop water into your palm and rinse your skin. But you can organize a natural bath in the tub.

To do this, water is poured into a convenient container – shallow but wide enough. The face is immersed there – literally for 10-20 seconds.

During this time, the most critical processes take place:

  • Air bubbles quickly saturate the epidermis with oxygen.
  • Blood flow is activated.
  • The slightest damage is done.

Thanks to such washes, you can get rid of puffiness. Irregularities on the skin also disappear quickly, and the facial tone becomes even pink.

Mineral water compresses the face.

This method is ideal if you must hurry before an important meeting or date. It helps when you have sleepless nights, and your appearance is confused. It will take about half an hour, but the result is worth it.

How to make a face pack with mineral water:

  • Preparing hot and cold mineral water is necessary by pouring it into a shallow and wide container.
  • In the first stage, a nourishing cream is applied to the face.
  • Next, you must wet a towel in hot water and use it on your skin for 3 minutes.
  • After the same is repeated with cold water.
  • Alternate hot and cold compress five times.

It is a complex effect because the blood flows to the face; it becomes actively saturated with oxygen. Also, compressing with mineral water will effectively cleanse the skin and restore its radiance.

Massage your face with mineral water

Minerals instead of toner are another solution that is simple and brilliant. You can apply it to a cotton pad and then pat it over your skin.

If there are noticeable skin problems, you can dab a little on the water to make it even more beneficial. For example, it is used instead of alcohol to make gentle lotions. After picking herbs ideal for a particular skin type, they are poured with mineral water and boiled. Once the broth is infused, you can strain it and use it for a massage.

Mineral water ice for face

Frozen water can do wonders. It is an excellent option with benefits and no harm from washing with mineral water. Using a standard ice cube tray is enough to create gaps for normal operations. To enhance the effect, you can add essential oils to the mineral water and choose the optimal ones for your skin’s characteristics.

This tool is used bare. You can dry your face by moving along massage lines with slow movements.

Otherwise, they go for a full massage. It will refresh your face and help deal with enlarged pores. Even fine wrinkles can disappear. But such a procedure can be harmful if carried out in the winter before going out into the cold air.

Mineral water ice saves face if it is necessary to eliminate puffiness.

 He also keeps youth for a long time. The procedure is carried out as follows:

  • Water is poured into a wide container, and frozen mineral water in the form of cubes is sent there.
  • Holding their breath, they lower their faces into the ice bath.
  • It is necessary to pass how much air is enough.

When using ice cubes, it is essential not to keep them in one place for a long time! Otherwise, a trace may remain!

Mineral water face mask

Any mask with mineral water for the face will be more beneficial than a remedy with plain water. That is, you can use your favorite water recipe but use mineral water. Alternatively, specific formulations are also formulated to maximize the efficient use of the components of such fluids.

For example, the mineral will help speed up the renewal of skin cells if you use this recipe:

  • Take 10-15 ml of mineral water and sour cream.
  • Mix the ingredients.
  • Add a few drops of vitamin E.

This composition is spread over the face and kept on the skin for 40 minutes. It is helpful to pre-steam the beginning to make the effect more noticeable.

This method helps activate the regeneration process. It moisturizes well, and the tonic effect is felt. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, the mask will delay the aging process.

Another great recipe to maximize the benefits of mineral water for your face, which also helps prevent fading. For the mask, you need 50 ml of mineral water, a teaspoon of oatmeal, and 5 drops of lemon juice. After mixing all the components, the mass is kept for half an hour so that it is infused. Then you can spread the mixture over your face. Enough 15 minutes after the mask is washed off, and immediately after that, dry the skin with cooled mineral water. The method is repeated every other day; holding a course for 10-15 sessions is advisable to feel the effect.

Mineral water on the face
Mineral water on the face

Genuine facial mineral water reviews

It is difficult to disagree that mineral water, which is helpful if drunk, will also maintain and revive beauty. But it is more credible if we start not so much with theory as with practice. That is why reading reviews about mineral water for the face is interesting. In truth, we should note that they are different. Someone is happy with the product but thinks they are a waste of money. A healthy approach is to treat mineral water as an aid, not a contraindication.

Anna, 33 years old

I like mineral water instead of some skin care products. For example, I stopped buying tonics and refused hot water. I regularly dry my skin after removing makeup. When I apply creams or masks, I also use them so that they absorb better. I think the face has become softer; the color is clearly healthier, pink, and lively.

Valeria, 41 years old

Once I read what tap water is, I stopped washing with it. And I also learned that buying mineral water for a facial is better. Reviews about washing with mineral water inspired me; I experimented myself, and now I can’t imagine how it could be otherwise. What has disappeared entirely and irrevocably – this dryness, when you seem to expect that after the water will be fresh, and instead of this, the face is like covered with a film.

Svetlana, 37, beautician

I recommend to each of my clients to introduce one rule as a routine – to have a spray bottle with you where there will be high-quality mineral water. In my experience, this is an excellent alternative to the thermal performance of the water jets. Of course, provided that it is a product of exceptional quality, as well as it matches the characteristics of the skin.


No matter how many interesting new products beauty companies come up with, it turns out that some of the tools out there are capable of competing with the latest trends. So washing with mineral water, according to the reviews of beauticians and ordinary women, is a great way to preserve youth and maintain the beauty and freshness of the face. Suppose there is time and desire to experiment with a natural product. In that case, it is possible and necessary to introduce other care products based on mineral water. Its great advantage lies in its complex effects, provided it is correctly matched to the skin type.

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