The Organic Trend Is Here To Stay! Following Nina Dobrev or Jessica Alba

Following Nina Dobrev or Jessica Alba

Going organic was the major trend several years ago. Like every other trend in the book– this trend was also endorsed by famous female row-models. I think that in some ways doing something just because celebrities are doing it is wrong… However, when is comes to facial and body care– I wouldn’t mind following Nina Dobrev or Jessica Alba.

Nina Dobrev Uses Only Organic trend Products

Former “The Vampire Diariesstar Nina Dobrev (Picture credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty) said this in her interview for PEOPLE magazine: ”I honestly believe it’s important not to put chemicals in your body and keep it as pure as possible. You really need to take off your make-up, and let your skin breathe sometimes.”

With a skin as adored as Nina’s- how can you not choose organic products when there are so many out there like Phyts Naturo-Esthetique?

Jessica Alba Turned Her Organic Love To A Business

While celebrating the best role of her life, motherhood, Alba created The Honest Company. Along with co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Alba created a safe-haven for organic mothers. With special organic baby products- The Honest Company is taking over the mommy market.

Following  Nina Dobrev or Jessica Alba
Following Nina Dobrev or Jessica Alba

Go Organic Too!

There are a lot of vendors and eCommerce sites out there selling organic goods. You could find amazing things on iHerb, Etsy and more. As I looked into some new organic online stores I came across Beauty Universe. I was happy to see a new brand, one that I have never encountered before, displaying amazing looking products, all with natural ingredients. You’d be happy to know that Beauty Universe is secured (You can see that from their https:// in the start of the domain name), that is the first thing I check in every website I want to order from.
I was thinking about ordering this organic soap bar, looks amazing and Lavender scented… What do you think? (Click on the image to go to the product’s page)

If you are looking for more exciting Organic products, you can also check out Iridescence from the Tkanga Etsy store. Tkanga Etsy store is sending this one-stop-shop skin care product all the way from the USA. If you need to treat bad skin, itchiness, dryness, or simply remove makeup- iridescence is the product for you. Made using ancient south Asian remedies, this all organic skin care face wash and cleanser is truly unique.

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