7 Thing You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up!

7 Thing You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up!

It doesn’t matter if you are upset over a breakup, gaining weight, being sick or even just bored- here are 7 thing you can do that will cheer you right up!

** Please note that if you are suffering from a medical condition– you might want to consult your doctor before doing some of these 7 thing **

1 – Fix yourself something really nice to eat

It might sound weird to have to say it, but I really do mean it… When we are alone we tend to make food that is just a means to an end. We cook only so we can eat, unlike having people over when we cook to impress. So forget all that loneliness and sadness, get up- and create the perfect Instagram dish! Make something you haven’t made in a long time, and put your heart in it! With the plating and all!

2 – Find a new television show to get addicted to

I love to get my heart and soul all wrapped up in other people’s problems, especially when they are so beautiful and talented like the cast of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals or Criminal Minds. But since we just got back from winter break and chapters only appear once a week (Or even 2), when I get down- I need a new addiction.

There’s nothing wrong with spending some quality time in bed, cuddle up with your favourite ice cream and together watching like 5 episodes of SOMETHING! I recently started watching The 100, a cool show about a very possible future we can all have- earth, after nuclear distraction, is being revisited by humans after spending 97 years on a spaceship. I think that their troubles made me forget about my own mess for a while…

3 – Call a friend and bitch together!

Yup, if it’s the right kind of friend- that helps every time!

4 – Workout.. At home!

You don’t have to have a membership in a gym in order to get some work done. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house! There are a lot of simple and easy exercise routines you can do at home… The exercise will not only contribute to reducing the calories you just ate (After a huge fancy meal and some ice cream quality time) but will also make you feel better. If you are looking for some cool home exercise ideas you could find them at UKmedix blog.

5 – Find a DIY project you can do

DIY time is the best time ever!!! I have several things in my house that are always lying around waiting for me to get bored and do something with them. You can make so many things from the stuff you have in your house that you never use. Here’s a free idea from me– create a sunglass holding picture from an old pair of jeans!

6 – Make a list of what you have to be thankful for

Even if you think that things are just the worst and nothing is going well for you in life- you have to take a second and be honest with yourself. Make a list of everything you have to be thankful for… Start with the people you have around you, the people you know that are there for you and carry on with yourself, with who you are and the strong features you posses.

7 Thing You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up!
7 Thing You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up!

7 – Have a home-spa day!

Last but not least, we have what can make any girl happy– some girl spa time! Here’s my home-spa routine:

  • Use a nail polish remover to take away leftover nail polish from your hands and feet
  • Turn the lights low, light a few candles and take a long shower/bath
  • Come out, stay in your towel and paint your nails with the craziest colour you have!
  • Relax with a nice cup of tea of hot cocoa
  • Once the polish is dried- blow dry your hair to a nice shape…
  • Repeat- once a week!

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