4 Ways to Support Animal Welfare as an Animal Lover

Support Animal Welfare as an Animal Lover

People who adore animals of any species or breed will often say that they cannot truly trust someone who openly states that they have no time for and indeed, do not care for, animals.

Whether or not you uphold this feeling, as an animal lover there is a myriad of ways in which you can actively contribute to the fight for animal rights and for animal welfare across the board.

With that being said, here are four top ways to support animal welfare as an animal lover.

1.   Hold Local Fundraisers

One thing to always remember about wanting to take care of the animals in and around your local neighborhood is that, wonderfully, you are certainly part of most people who want to make a proper and active difference in animals’ lives.

A fabulous idea, therefore, is to organize and run a local fundraiser in your neighborhood to raise money for your local animal shelter. Whether you choose to hold a summer barbecue or a Christmas market, it is true to say that every little helps when it comes to raising money for deserving animals, both here and abroad.

2.   Only Buy Cruelty-Free Products

Committing to striving for a better quality of life for animals can also be something that takes no time and costs you no extra money or energy.

From now on, you should decide on cruelty-free shopping only, paying particular attention to whether a product has a picture of a white leaping rabbit displayed on the label. This icon demonstrates that, in both the manufacturing and testing processes of the product, no animals were used. Moreover, this image also means that the production values meet PETA;’s certification of being cruelty-free.

Support Animal Welfare as an Animal Lover
Support Animal Welfare as an Animal Lover

3.   Adopt an Animal from Your Local Shelter

If your lifestyle and both professional and personal commitments and responsibilities alike allow for it, one of the most direct and powerfully effective ways of making a difference in innocent and vulnerable animals’ lives is to adopt one, or more, from a rescue center or your local animal shelter.

For first-time animal lovers, remember that investing in a quality pet insurance deal, as well as registering your new animal with a prestigious and established vet, making sure the latter is an emergency vet katy tx, who will be able to see your them as soon as possible.

4.   Reduce the Amount of Meat You Consume

When it comes to the way farm animals are treated and used in a way that results in them having absolutely no quality of life whatsoever, there is much more that can be done than choosing to become a vegetarian (although this certainly would help on a larger scale).

The less red meat people across the United States consume weekly, the fewer animals subjected to horrifically cramped conditions and unlawful slaughtering techniques. Furthermore, when grocery shopping, look for grass-fed meats and free-range eggs and other dairy products instead of mass-produced alternatives. Anything you can do to support better conditions for animals is a bonus.

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