Horse, Cat, Dog and Animal Art by Denise Every

Living in New York, Denise Every is an artist with great passion for the animal kingdom. House pets like dogs and cats, and farm animals- like horses, are what makes Denise happy, therefore- the objects of her art.

Using various production partners to print her works of art, Denise manages a shop by the name of ArtByDeniseEvery. The shop, located on the Etsy platform, is a great place to find unique gifts for any animal lover!
If you have a friend who loves riding horses, if your aunt has cats she love, or if you raise dogs yourself- you will love this shop and what it has to offer!

With over 500 listings available- this shop is more like a mall than a shop… A mall of unique animal lover gifts like- animal print home accessories and fashion items!

Some of my favorite items from Denise’s shop include: beautiful Persian cats art prints, circus animal baby onesie, dreamcatcher wolf tshirt, black and white Zebra print, Gypsy horses paintings, Welsh Corgi dog prints, Siamese kitties cutting boards, and a lot of cat mugs!

If you like what you see here go ahead and visit
ArtByDeniseEvery Etsy shop today for more!

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