Best Homecoming Dresses 2020 – or simply a Fancy first date dress

Looking for the BEST Homecoming Dress for this year’s Homecoming ball? Check out these amazing Homecoming Dresses 2020 trending dresses by Hoprom!

What makes a dress a Homecoming dress?

Homecoming dresses 2020 are unique than any other homecoming trend we’ve seen in the past! This year, the BEST Homecoming Dresses 2020 are romantic dresses, often known as First date dresses, that are simple, elegant, and show off your legs! The major trend in Homecoming Dresses 2020 is the lace, and the sort of beach-vibe you get from the dresses, as if they were elegant beach dresses!

Blue lace Homecoming Dresses 2020:

2 great finds on Hoprom, the best website for Homecoming dresses, are these 2 unique blue lace Homecoming Dresses that have a great appeal! The first, being a beautiful 1 piece Homecoming dress with blue lace:

And the second, being of the same style, but a 2 piece Homecoming dress, with the 2 pieces gently “touching” each other, creating a unique homecoming dress look:

Sheath purple backless Homecoming dress:

This gorgeous purple backless romantic dress is one of the top Homecoming Dresses 2020 trends!
Sheath, with a purple glow, straps, and an open back, this Homecoming Dress would also be an amazing first date dress to leave your date’s jaw on the floor!

The girl next door Homecoming dress

Another great Homecoming Dresses 2020 trend by Hoprom, is this beautiful white dress with light blue lace- the perfect romantic dress, worn by those movies describe as the girl next door!

This unique homecoming dress is also available in a white and body-color combo:

The iconic white lace Homecoming dress:

On big events, like Homecoming dances, you can go wrong with a mini dress covered in white lace! This amazing Homecoming Dresses 2020 trend is the one dress that will be the easiest to accessorize to, and bound to turn every head in that ball!

Liked these unique Homecoming Dresses 2020 trends?
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