How Long Does It Take A Woman To Get Ready? (350 Women Survey)

How Long Does It Take A Woman To Get Ready?

How long does it take a woman to get ready is a question that a lot of guys are wondering, so guys- this post is for you! I have asked over 350 women from 3 countries (Israel, Canada & South Africa) how long does it take them to get ready to go out, gave them these options: 15 min, 30 min, 45min-1h, more than one hour, and these were the results:

74 Women claim they spend over an hour getting ready!

From these 70 women you could see how they react to answering that question. As some women said “It takes me about an hour, i’m so slow…” Others said “Shower, Clothes and Makeup and I’m done by an hour- super fast”. Perhaps when they see these results it would make them change their minds…

One of the funniest comments was a 21 year old girl from Canada who said “It takes me an hour to get ready. 10 minutes for shower and makeup and 50 minutes trying to find what to wear”.

183 Women say it takes them 45 minutes to get ready

Most of the comments of these women were- “This is my basic getting ready time, for the daily stuff… If I need to get ready to go out fancy- that would be more like an hour and a half…”

A woman from South Africa wrote to me “i’m super fast with getting ready… If only I had straight hair and not this mess of curls instead”.

92 Women said it takes them between 15min to 30min to get ready

As a fast getting-ready-to-go-girl myself (Mainly cause I really use a bit of makeup and shower quickly) these are the women I fancy! Most women commented that their makeup routine is so familiar to them that they can d o it on auto pilot and that they can choose their clothes extremely fast.

1 Woman said it takes her between 2-3 hours to get ready!

Just thinking about it made me realise how lucky I am, since i could get a lot more sleep than her, having saved 2.75h everyday on getting ready. When she commented that i had to ask- “And how do you look after 3 hours?” To which she simply replied with a photo:

I have to say, with the hair and all, i’m a bit of a fan myself now. Her name is Oli Aleksenitser and feel free to follow her on her social media profile (Linked within her name).

5 Tips on how to get ready faster

  1. Create a comfortable makeup corner in your house, making sure you have everything you need in one place.
  2. Try to prepare in advance, like apply your nail polish in advance, start working on your hair the night before, get clothes ready on the sofa for tomorrow.
  3. Get enough sleep ! When you don’t sleep well and wake up tired- it takes you a lot more time to get organized!
  4. Make sure you have a timer on your boiler, so you can wake up with hot water everyday and not have to wait for the boiler to warm them up.
  5. Leave your phone alone!!!!! Get ready now, all of your messages will still be there for you when you’re done!
How Long Does It Take A Woman To Get Ready?
How Long Does It Take A Woman To Get Ready?

Want to learn how to get ready faster?

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