Studio Nine & 3 Quarters. A Celebration of Light!

If you’re looking to get a room instantly styled, add color or character to any apt, and do it without a hassle or take too much space- you simply need to choose the right lamp!
As any room needs light and has a light bulb- getting a stylish lamp to surround that bulb is the easiest and most space-efficient way to get it done!

Now, if you’re not into the simple one-color plastic lamps from IKEA and want something truly unique- you need to go to Etsy!
Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, is one of the biggest places you could find unique and creative art, made by everyday people from all over the world. So what if instead getting a lamp from a store near you- you’ll get it from a place like Bulgaria?

studio934 is the shop to go to- an Etsy haven for people who love lamps and woodworking, managed and designed by Sofia based industrial designer Plamen.
Using a laser cutter and experimenting on different materials, this unique designer is really putting it all out there- with super modern lamp designs- that will make any room brighter

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