Custom Laser Engraved Accessories & Wooden Decor items

I’ve always found wooden accessories to be the most personal gift. The feel of the wood, the symbolism of nature, and if it’s handmade- even better!

On Etsy you’d get that in millions! Small businesses of 1-4 people (mostly) are out there in the world, making beautiful wooden decorative items like- wooden signs, wooden cutting boards for the kitchen, wooden stands (for plants or dog bowls), and much more!

One special Etsy shop by the name of Weaver Family Farms is also hand-crafting wooden gifts… However- using laser engraving they make all these beautiful wooden items- personal!
Laser engraved wooden signs, pet bowl holders, chalk boards, and even kitchen utensils- all made to perfection!

The secret behind shops like WeaverFamilyFarms is that they are a family business. Keeping things local, using their home and farm as their studio, and placing extra attention on customer care- the Weavers are truly giving a wonderful service here.

If you like what you’ve seen so far- you’d be happy to know that on top of having a beautiful Etsy shop, the Weavers also have a website for their farm wooden crafts, as well as an official Facebook page that you can like, follow and get in touch with them in case you are wondering about a wooden gift of your own.

See more on WeaverFamilyFarms Etsy shop!

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