Original Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Felisha

After starting a Youtube channel to share her acrylic paintings, Felisha found out people really love them- and asking her where they could buy her works! So, she set up an Etsy shop for her paintings, and that’s where I found this unique blue and pink abstract painting, that is simple, emotional, and it seems as if it tells the story that goes through your mind right now.

Original paintings are not a lost art, and with the design world “swimming” with prints of oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings- there’s nothing like the original work- the one that looks authentic, the one you can smell and feel the brush strokes on it with your fingers.
As this is an abstract painting, you can place it in your home as shown – horizontally- or vertically:

Check out Felisha’s Etsy shop CurlifulArt for more!

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