Handmade Jewelry From Australia

Hey girls, thanks for joining me again! I would like to introduce you to Alana Jones.
Alana is from Australia, and she owns an Etsy store called SparklingDragonDesgn where she sells her amazing handmade jewelry. She has over 350 items in her store, and more than 600 sales- making her a woman who rock it hard in the Etsy scene- and these are the kind of women I love to write about.

In her store you’ll find everything you need to complete your look and make any outfit look more stylish in a minute. However, I had to tell you about 3 specific items that make her store so special!

Sterling Silver Vintage Earrings

Not a lot of people know, but sterling silver is the best metal for earrings. A lot of people have allergies to gold or to low-quality metals, making sterling silver the go-to metal for jewelry makers who wants to make their customers happy! Her unique style is shown by the vintage earrings she adds to her Etsy collection, earrings like this pair, with Turquoise gemstone:

Name Necklaces

A never ending trend that you can now customize to your needs- as a necklace for you or for a loved one. Alana offers a variety of name necklace designs, but this one is my favorite:

Aromatherapy Locket

Made from Stainless Steel this is what you’d call a Diffuser Necklace or an Essential Oil Locket. These necklaces can actually be used as a perfume, and you can choose the type of chain you want for each necklace- making this a perfect fit for every woman. Here’s my favorite model of them all:

Are you still here?
Alana ships her jewelry worldwide, and she has 300 more designs in her store waiting for you!

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