700+ Vintage Jewelry Items For Vintage Lovers

Hello to you, my vintage loving ladies, are you ready from a true blast from the past?

So many people are selling vintage jewelry items, especially online. Family heirlooms that were passed down through the generations and unique in their look are sold on websites like Amazon or eBay, and has already started to take over the Etsy scene. However, most sellers of antique and vintage jewelry items on Etsy- have very little items.

So, yours truly set out to find the best Etsian for vintage jewelry pieces- and she found it!

One store, who’s owner is on of the most trusted sellers on Etsy, has a little under 800 vintage jewelry. With over 1700 sales, and counting- this is the best place to find vintage items! The name to remember is Leesa, and her store is called: waalaa. In her Etsy store, Leesa sells everything that is pure, great and vintage in our world!
Vintage Jewelry, Brooches, Earrings, Necklace, Rings, Bracelets… I mean- Leesa has them all- and they look fabulous! Here are some of my personal favorites from her Etsy store:

As you can see- the variety is huge!
Finally- one store that holds vintage items for you to get your grandmother and yourself (or girlfriend). One place for heavy vintage SERIOUS 20’s style jewelry pieces, along side massive retro vibes in tear-drop earrings in all colors! This store, with almost 800 items- is a jackpot for vintage lovers and jewelry collectors!

So go ahead and see what more you could get at Leesa’s store by clicking RIGHT HERE 🙂
& To stay better in touch with this amazing collector you could like the store’s page on Facebook, or follow it on Twitter! All of the store’s promotions and some interesting new findings are posted there- so don’t miss out!

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