Jewelry, Art Bottles & Charms by Debora

On the surface, ArtByDebora Etsy shop- is just another jewelry store. But the truth is- that the store is more about the artist than the items, and that’s why I love Etsy so much. In her own corner of the web, Debora sells beautiful jewelry items she makes, along side Soldered Bottles and unique Christian and faith charms.

A store for a stylish woman who has faith!

I started my shop when I began receiving encouraging comments from fellow artists.
I started creating and selling Artist Trading Cards and other paper items. Then I dabbled in creating jewelry. For a couple of years, I went through some emotional times in my life and my art suffered. I couldn’t create a thing.

Debora had an Etsy shop before, so she reveals in her store’s about us section:

So, I closed the shop here on etsy and spent those couple of years in kind of a creative “funk”. It upset me because creating had always been such a part of me.
One day a friend started encouraging me. First with words, then with little trinkets here and there that she thought would inspire me. She told me, “God smiles when you use the talents He gives you.” So all of her encouragement and little gifts put my creativity back in motion.

When I take a look at the seriously cute and unique items that Debora is making- I want to take that friend of hers and have her inspire you gals too! Or maybe- that’s Debora’s job from now on!

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