20 Self Care Mood Cards with Guided Activities

We all need a little bit of help sometimes… From the environment, from the people we love, but mostly- from ourselves. In a lot of situations in life we can do something, even a small thing, to get our minds off of what we’re going through. That is what they call self care!

Self care mood cards

British Etsy shop owner Federica Trimarchi has dedicated her shop for helping people take better care of themselves- using self care mood cards!
In her shop The Mood Club you’ll find useful self help kits that will help you focus on what you want in life, relax, and see your life clearer.
Taking moments to reflect on the good you have in life, on your goals, and adopt a more mindful approach for life- that’s what Federica’s mood cards are all about.

Each card from The Mood Club’s mood cards set is about a different activity you can do to get your mind clear, to enjoy life, or to plan ahead! The cards are about the size of a business card, and come in a beautiful tin box, for easy carrying anywhere you go. Whenever you feel the need – take out a card and spend some time with yourself! Each mood card has 2 sides- The main side features the activity or thought process

The back side contains tips & guidelines for that action, to make sure doing it will help you with your journey of self improvement and self care.

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