Music Inspired Tshirts & Apparel

While most people get their shirts & hoodies from a nearby shop or retailer, a lot of people choose to get their apparel items from Etsy, the biggest online marketplace for worldwide artists, craftsmen, and graphic designers.
On Etsy, you could find a variety of shops with unique themed clothing and accessories, that will match your life’s agenda, mission, hobbies, and style- perfectly!

Dibs on the Bass Player clothing line

Such a unique shop is ComfortingConcepts, that holds special themed clothing and apparel items, for both men and women, that match everyday hobbies and passions. As a guitar & Ukulele player, I found their music inspired items to be the most appealing… Including this awesome design for a shirt & a hoodie that clearly states your taste in dating- Bass players!!

They are calm, they hold the rhythm of the song, and add their HEART into everything they play… Bass players are the best

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