Custom Name Tumblers – Glitter Tumblers from Arizona

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone you love, or for yourself- there are 3 things you need to take into account that make for the perfect gift: 1. The best gift is an item you can use on your day to day 2. Design- the uniqueness of that design, and the WOW effect it has on people who see it for the first time 3. Personalization is key- as having a gift with your name on it, or a word that means something to you- is the best gift of all!

Taking all these into consideration – I found an Etsy shop for unique gifts that answers all of the above!

GerlockGlitters – for Personalized glitter tumblers!

The tumbler, that everyday item we purchase at Walmart in blue or black, to carry our drink with us throughout the day- can be so much better than those boring off the shelf items you see! In fact- with tumbler design creativity never ends!
GerlockGlitters Etsy shop is owned by a mother & daughter team from Arizona! They create the most unique glitter tumblers, with various design styles, that will fit everyone!
From watermelon tumblers, to the USA flag, from puppies to tie-dye, this shop has it all!

Custom name tumbler gifts

On top of the most unique tumbler designs on Etsy, this family business is all about personalization, offering their glitter tumbler designs- with an added touch of your name on the tumbler- in the font of your choosing, the color that will match the design best, and 3 placement options for you name!

If you’re not sure what placement, font, or color- would best suit the glitter tumbler design you loved and want to get personalized- just reach out to Jessica and her mom on GerlockGlitters Etsy shop contact option and ask them! After running this shop for over a year- they already know what can create the best WOW effect for you- and have experienced printing different colors on top of their designs!
You can also choose from 2 tumbler sizes: the “normal” sized 20oz tumbler, or the truly JUMBO glitter tumbler at 30oz!

Buyers are loving these custom name tumblers!

We all know it’s hard for us to trust a new shop online we’ve never seen before- making the reviews the most important part of the shop! In the review section for GerlockGlitters Etsy shop I’ve found happy satisfied customers, who not only loved the tumblers they got- but also reviewed them with an actual photo they took after unboxing these custom name tumblers!

If you like to see more custom name tumbler options Or find out how you can get your very own glitter name tumbler

Visit GerlockGlitters Etsy shop today!

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