Unique Christmas Gift Idea- A Custom Cell Case

Looking for a useful Christmas gift? How about a phone cover? Think about it… When you want to get a gift to a guy or a girl (that you’re not in a relationship with) what will you get them? Jewelry? Could be too personal. Clothes? Could be hard to match a size.

But, if you know what model phone they have – you can get them the perfect gift! A strong smartphone cover, made from the toughest materials, one that will last- and with an amazing design! If you’re not sure which design to buy, you can always have a look at mobile mob in australia for some inspiration.


CaseByCaseShop on Etsy are selling some of the most Unique smartphone cases we have ever seen, and they are all customizable!
You have Basketball and Football cell phone covers, showing a favorite team and player. You got fun and playful phone covers, geometric covers, pop art covers and so much more!

The store is located in Florida, and holds an interesting Instagram account where you can see new designs and get all the latest deals and offers (like Free shipping deals or holiday coupons!)

Customize your phone covers

With CaseByCaseShop you can have any cover you want- even if they’re not making it!
Meaning- you can ask the designers at the store to change something for you, like a certain base color or text, or give them an image to print on their top rated cases!

The materials used to create these cases is one of the strongest- and the store states that the cover will last you as long as your phone will! Made from very high specification Amorphous Polymers, these custom phone cases are made from the same materials that are used on space missions and for the making of bicycle helmets!

CaseByCaseShop makes the mold of the case to fit a variety of phones, and you can see the full list of phones you could get covers for in their store (they even have iPhoneX covers!)

We asked CaseByCaseShop what makes their cases different from other case providers

Our process embeds images into the plastic surface of the case, and protects them with a strong clear finish, the result is an image that is not on the case, but inside it! aggressively? protecting designs from scratches, fading, wear, and damage. Our products are built to protect the device and the beauty of the design for the life of the device.

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So go ahead and visit CaseByCaseShop on Etsy-
the designs you’ll see there are only the beginning!

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