Vegan Cruelty Free Organic Soaps (& other stuff too)

I was strolling down Instagram-Lane looking for wedding favors. It’s wedding season- and I know a lot of you would love to see something cool and inspiring to give to your wedding party and closest friends. I love these Instagram strolls, and I also love what I found on the one I took today…

This super awesome heart made of hearts- is actually a unique wedding favor idea- organic soaps in heart shapes!

Now, I’ve checked the person who’s making these soaps- only to discover the she is making these organic soaps in a cruelty free technique, using no products from animals- making them also- Vegan soaps. The perfect gift idea for the people you love!

The name of this talented Soap-maker is Christine De La Torre, and her special Etsy boutique is called SunnyBunnyGardens.

Now, I don’t know if calling SunnyBunnyGardens Etsy shop a “small boutique” would be an accurate description, since.. Well… Christine has already made and sold to over 2700 people! Making her organic vegan soaps- a huge success in my book! (visit SunnyBunnyGardens’s Review section to see more).
Her organic vegan soaps can be purchased in singular, inside a gift box or in bulks for wedding or event favors. In her gift boxes you’ll find more than just organic soaps- in fact- her men gift boxes are amazing- equipped with everything a man needs for a clean shave a healthy skin!

With so many people giving Christine’s organic soaps the 5 star rating- you can throughout their comments and self taken pictures- that these vegan soaps are of the highest quality, and that shopping for them is just like getting a gift from an old friend! Christine’s amazing customer care and the way she packages every single order- is exactly why I love Etsy so very much!

The full extent of Christine’s organic work doesn’t end with just soaps! You’ll also be able to find, in the corners of her shop, unique and organic herb sachets, along with organic dog soap and organic cat-nip.

You can learn more about Christine’s organic soaps on her social channels! Her feeds are always filled with organic-goodness, and if there’s ever an interesting sale going on at SunnyBunnyGardens- you’d be the first to know!

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Visit SunnyBunnyGardens for more vegan organic soaps!

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