Personalized Wooden Signs for Dog Parents & Everyone Else!

Are you a dog mama or a dog papa? If so- you’re gonna love WoodCarveSpecialties Etsy store!
Placing our pets up front- this shop is a unique way to show love and appreciation for your extra family member- with a beautiful custom wooden sign!

While these signs are originally meant to love and cherish dogs – you could also personalize them for your needs, with your name on them or a name of a loved one, to be used as a decorative, wall hangable or home entrance sign.

On top of these unique wooden signs, this store can also make a custom work of art for you, engraved in wood, using your very own photo!

The possibilities are endless, and as this shop grows on Etsy I think we will be seeing more and more unique wooden sign designs.
Want to get the inside look on how this shop owner makes the beautiful wooden signs in this shop? Follow it on Instagram and see all of the “behind the scene” photos, just like this one:

Want to know more?
Go ahead and visit WoodCarveSpecialties Etsy shop today!

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