The Wood Wall Art Shop That Will Transform Your Walls

Whether you’re into modern design, Bohemian design, or like to get creative with your home decor, wall art is always the best way to set the vibe of your home and rooms. With unique wall art you send out a message that every item in your home was hand-picked by you, showcasing your style, thoughts, and emotions- through interior design.

3D Wooden Wall Art

Unlike a lot of wall art vendors, online and off, wooden wall art are more complex and vivid than your ordinary printed canvas or framed print. Crafty people who make wooden wall art in 3D, create a textural painting for you to use in your home, thus enriching your walls with depth and meaning.
Such a crafty person is Bry, owner of TheCarpenterMill Etsy shop.
As a “one woman show”, Bry is amazingly talented and creative, creating 3D wall art made from planks of wood, aligned perfectly to create geometric patterns, Bohemian style textures, and simply put it- Beautiful art!

Real Buyers’ Reviews

While many Etsy shops feature unique wall art designs and 3D wooden wall art pieces, in Bry’s shop you can see the beauty placed inside of real people’s homes, as a lot of her buyers choose to leave a review on TheCarpenterMill Etsy shop- with an image!
These images feature just how happy they are with Bry’s works, as well as how these 3D wall art wooden planks fit in their homes. Check out some of the latest happy customers and see where they chose to place Bry’s designs:

If you like what you’ve seen here- you ain’t’ seen nothing yet! These unique and inspiring photos of Bry’s 3D wall art wooden planks are just a small part of her amazing and ever-growing collection of wooden creations.

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us. Some have lost their jobs, others were crazed with new amount of work. But at the end of it- it’s how we deal with our new reality. Bry’s world changed, having lost her job when due to the pandemic. But as art often gets better with pain and confusion- she turned her situation upside down, and maybe, one day, looking back at 2020, she could say that this was the year she found her calling.

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