Elikia Africa Shop’s Unique Black Culture Themed Fashion

Once upon a time there was a beautiful charity foundation to promote education in Africa. However, founding a charity and keeping the money going in could be a true hassle.
Elikia Africa has done everything they could to try and promote their topics and help education in Africa… and even got creative by making branded shirts and offering them to donators.
When that failed, the owners felt that maybe it’s time to turn the table…. And just open a shop dedicated to fashionable designs in the African spirit!

Endless designs that showcase like in Africa, with tropical prints, and shirts featuring the silhouette of the African continent. Added by special fashionable items for women that hold unique and cultural African patterns, as well as patterns of the wild-life in Africa.

This special shop has so much inside… Fashion for men, accessories like iphone covers, tote bags, flip flops, and even Africa Continent jewelry. But what I really did love most was their growing collection of women’s fashion- covering everything you’ll need in your closet:
Pants, shirts, long sleeve hoodies, swimsuits, dresses, jackets, all made to perfection and featuring the best Africa has to offer!

If you liked what you’ve seen here so far
Go to Elikia Africa Shop & discover much more!

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