Curated Vintage Clothing and Housewares from California

One of my favorite shopping centers is Etsy. It’s fun, easy to access from anywhere, and has so many different items, designs and crafts to choose from! The perfect place for some Christmas shopping!

Though Etsy is not the provider, therefore they don’t actively have sale prices and Christmas discounts- private shop owners often give Christmas incentives and discounts to their clients this time of the year. One of these shop owners is Jason G, owner of GuidoInLA Etsy store- and you’ll find a sweet 20% discount on most of the items in his vintage store- no need for a coupon code!

Jason sells so many vintage items, that would fit both men and women in all sizes! You have such a selection with over 220 active listings at the moment- but remember- when dealing with vintage fashion- each item is one of a kind- so if you like something you better hurry up and purchase it!

Here are some of my personal favorite items from GuidoInLA Etsy store:

One of their most-awesome item, in my eyes, is this perfect vintage 1990s iconic Dolce & Gabbana black knit bra dress:

If it looks a bit familiar to you, maybe it’s cause you’ve seen it before…
On Madonna! 

But awesome vintage dresses is not all you’ll be able to find on GuidoInLA Etsy store… Let’s talk vintage accessories!

I also really loved these two amazing vintage rings:

As products and inventory is a matter of chance with this Vintage store I will give you two advices: 1. Check it out now! If you like something there don’t waste time and get it before someone else would use their 20% discount to purchase a one of a kind piece that could have been yours!

2. Follow them on social media to always be the first to see new arrivals and potential sales and discounts!

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