The Best Glass Art You’ll Ever See

Kim has a gift, she is a true artist.
In her Etsy store, Kettenglied, she shows us all of the wonderful things that one person can do with glass. She makes unforgettable jewelry, beaded bracelets, rings, and a variety of hand blown glass decorative items. Her store is that wonderful place where you could find gifts for both men and women, old and young, and for any occasion (even if it’s your own personal event, like a move or a promotion in your job).

The store is filled with colors, and I think that you’ll be able to find almost any color there if you have a certain color in mind. The earrings are beautiful in their simplicity, her necklaces are so unique in style and different from one another, her beaded bracelets are fun and light & her Chainmaille dices are so unique you won’t be able to stop looking at them.

But all of these are simply pale in front of the huge light that’s coming from her glass work- amazing paperweights and candle holders.

Kim started this store in a way that most Etsy sellers start.
She had the gift for crafts, even had her degree in Media Arts and Animation, but eventually found that she doesn’t really FEEL it. So she searched elsewhere. A course she took for creating Chainmailles has opened her eyes for a new passion and that passion transformed into gifts for friends and family members.

This story of Kim’s is exactly why I love Etsy.
This online marketplace is a home for all of those who found love and joy in art and all they want is to simply keep doing their art. The desire to do only what you love and never work is ridiculous, so Etsy gives these people a way to live their dreams. And you can help!

The items I’ve showed you here are NOTHING compare to all the goodness that Kim holds in her store. So drop by and see the other items in the store…
Glorious things await you!

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