Morphing Pot – Wire wall art, head planters, sculptures and home decor

Italian artist, Isabella Pavanati, is on my mind today, and she’s by far- one of the most unique I’ve written about in the past 2 years. Her unique talent can be shown in her Etsy shop morphingpot, a great place to find one of a kind unique gifts that were crafted with a lot of love in heart.

What makes Isabella so special, and any other great artist for that matter, is the reason why she creates items, the motivation behind it all… Her very unique point of view about her life.

Mine is a journey of curiosity and research supported by a continuous and exciting study of techniques and forms, conducted both in the academic world and on an experimental, entirely personal path.
Everything moves around the need to find good balance and harmony, with some ironic lightness, both in the use of materials and in the choice of pictorial subjects.

Her Instagram page is something you WANT to see on your feed, as it holds special images of her greatest works and inspirations:

If you like this style and art-form-
visit morphingpot Etsy shop today!

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