South Sea & Tahitian Pearl Jewelry That Will Make You Fall In Love

With Valentine’s Day 2018 right around the corner- love is in the air! I mean- love is everywhere I go!

It’s in the flowers in the nearby store, in the eyes of so many people I see daily, and of course- on Etsy!

The online market for handmade goods, Etsy, flourishes this time of the year as the people selling on Etsy are often creating beautiful love gifts that are unique, one of a kind, and simply different than anything else!
These sellers sell high-quality products, ones that were made with a lot of love, at reasonable prices, and they are my go to place for any love festivity!

akoya-pearl-pendant-necklace-8mm-aa-quality-round-shape-with-sliver-chain-9131540 tahiti-and-akoya-pearl-necklace-earrings-set-8-9mm-aaaaa-quality-5350104
tahitian-multi-necklace-8-10mm-aaaaa-34inchs-sliver-chain-2045971 japanese-akoya-pearl-necklace-and-bracelet-8mm-aa-quality-round-shape-1711729

As this is the last day of January, and Valentine’s day 2018 is just a couple of weeks away, I decided to see if I could find an Etsy seller that sells a beautiful LUX jewelry, with a unique style and in a reasonable price. And I have.

They say that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… But pearls- are her beads of joy!
As we’ve enjoyed beads as little girls- we are in love with them as we grow older- knowing that they are the most unique specimens of nature- the true jewels of it.

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A great place to find high quality pearls on Etsy is with PearlForPrincess– an Etsy shop dedicated to anything that is PEARL. The best thing about this store is that it’s actually more than just that…

If you know anything about genuine pearls than you will notice, at the first few seconds entering this store, that the amazing pearl jewelry, earrings & necklaces- are a lot cheaper than you’ve had expected.

golden-south-sea-pearl-ring-with-earrings-aa-quality-0-21ct-vs-diamonds-18k-settings-9635514 13mm-south-sea-pearl-ring-aaa-quality-round-shape-18k-with-0-87ct-vs-diamonds-7640574

That’s because PearlForPrincess is a wholesaler.
Based in Hong Kong, the owners of PearlForPrincess spent years purchasing their precious “beads” directly from pearl farmers in high volumes. They thought, being only the “second” hand in this chain- that they could sell pearl jewelry to consumers at a much lower rate than the jewellers they were supplying the pearls to… So they chose the best pearls in each purchase and kept it to themselves… Using these high end and PERFECT pearls to create a line of jewelry that will be sold directly to you!

To learn more about them, and to see so many more amazing pearl jewelry pieces- visit their Etsy store PearlForPrincess today!


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