The Online Palace for Jewelry (15% sale!)


If you’re looking for a special jewelry shop to complete your Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping- make sure to stop by the PALACE.
Palace, in Korean, is Gung, and Gung Jewellery is my main focus for today! A unique little jewelry boutique that is selling beautiful items like geometric rings, gold and crystal necklaces, golden cuff bracelets and more- all made to perfection!

The essence of creating premium jewellery that is not overly exorbitant is the core of our belief. (said Gung Jewellery‘s store owner) Everyone deserves the luxury of owning a piece of perfection. We fulfill that desire with an ideal balance of refined craftsmanship and affordability. The name Gung, which means ‘palace’ in Korean ; it embodies our promise of unrivalled quality befitting royalty.

15% off sale at Gung Jewellery!

If you’re looking to make your Christmas even brighter- Gung Jewellery is offering a 15% discount to all new shoppers! Just go into their website and wait for the email-registration pop-up and you will be sent a coupon code (or access link) that gives you an automatic 15% off on everything in the shop (including the new collection).

Here are some of the items that you’ll be able to find at Gung Jewellery:

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You’ll find their page uniquely inspiring, with their beautiful models just having fun doing everyday stuff- while wearing Gung Jewellery’s jewelry!

Visit Gung Jewellry for more!

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