Silver, Wood & More- Handcrafted Natural Jewelry by Jyara

Beauty is all around us- and we just need to learn how to see it better!

A shop on Etsy by the name of Jyara is sharing with us unique handcrafted natural jewelry from various materials. The shop utilizes materials like silver, wood, buffalo horns and bones, shells, gold-filled and more- and creates beautiful jewelry for any occasion!

The 2 items I love most in this shop would be the perfect wooden bracelets, and the amazing silver earrings… but truth be told- all the items on Jyara Etsy shop are unique and amazing!

Here are just some of the unique handcrafted natural jewelry you’ll find at Jyara Etsy shop:

With 440+ sales- it’s amazing this seller managed to keep that perfect 5 star rating! I guess the jewelry crafted here accede expectations and live up to their photos and descriptions!

For more information about prices, manufacturing, and availability-

visit Jyara Etsy shop today!

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