Sterling Silver Jewelry- Inspired By Nature.

In the past couple of years more and more people have decided to open an Etsy store as a way for them to bring out their art into the world. Crafty people all over the world are opening stores for their personal or family businesses, selling everything and anything from welcome home signs to bookmarks, from bridesmaids’ gifts to wedding dresses, from mirror art to jewelry.

One of these stores that was recently opened is shopAutumnLines.
Owned by 2 sisters, Sonia & Tania, this special Etsian boutique offers you unique sterling silver jewelry items- all made with nature in heart.

I love the combination of these 2 minds, and I believe that their 15 years of experience are defiantly showing when you see just how variant their designs are. You could find in their store a child-like animal pendant, alongside rose earrings that are really mature. Starfish earrings that are typically worn by teenagers, alongside a very calming pendant that carries the shape of a maple leaf.

Why Autumn?

I was curious as to the name of the store, why name it after the season? Most people can say they are summer people or winter people, some even say they feel inspired by the blooming spring- but not a lot would say that their favorite season is autumn.

So I asked this super creative duo for the reason behind the store’s name, and for some more information about their newly Etsy store:

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