Uniquely-made Premium Bridesmaid Robes.


If you’re planning a wedding, or a bridesmaid- you’re gonna want to “meet” Merve Jamsran! This sweet Arkansas girl- is a great designer of the thing that will totally upgrade any wedding day!

She makes… ROBES!

Now, I don’t know if you know it, but 90% of the wedding is planning and getting ready! Having comfy matching robes for the bridesmaids, along with a beautiful white lace robe for the bride to be- is probably the most bonding experience a girl can have with her best friends!

From late night meetings with coffee and ice cream, to the bachelorette party, from getting drunk to getting ready to walk down the isle- Merve’s robes will be there on your shoulders- to make sure you look and feel AMAZING!

You could find these unique comfy and stylish robes of Merve’s Etsy shop- Day Of Blossom– available in various sizes to make sure no one of your bridal party will be left out!

If you’re going to walk down the isle soon, or know a friend who will-
follow Day Of Blossom on Instagram for that much needed
inspiration and wedding-spirit!

Visit Day Of Blossom Etsy shop for more!

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