Up To 40% OFF on Vintage Japanese Kokeshi, Lucky Charms & More!

Meet Patrick Wyatt, the owner of LuckyDarumaVintage Etsy shop!

As my fascination with the far east is no secret, I often find myself visiting stores like LuckyDarumaVintage, stores that sell awesome vintage items for men, women and even for kids- from the far east!
During his travels in Asia, Patrick collects vintage accessories, toys and artifacts, and offers them in apealing prices on his shop. A true chance to get your hands on Kokeshi wooden dolls, Daruma dolls, Kimono matching purses and pocket mirrors, Japanese fans, lucky shrine horses and so much more!

kokeshi-wooden-doll-child-in-haori-vintage-traditional-japanese-kokeshi-doll-4113876 large-wooden-lucky-daruma-doll-vintage-japanese-dharma-doll-9581750

After selling more than 400 vintage items already, Patrick has 300 more one of a kind Japanese and Asian vintage collectables, charms, accessories and toys- and you could be their next owner!


A current sale that Patrick is having in his store starts with 15% automatic discount to all of the shop’s comers and buyers! If you find $200 worth of vintage gift ideas- you’ll get 30% discount, and if you decide to go all in, get your vintage accessories and gifts from Patrick in an amount exceeding $300- you’ll get 40% off!

pocket-mirror-for-kimono-dress-vintage-japanese-mirror-for-woman-with-sakura-flowers-pattern-4627129 light-purple-purse-for-kimono-vintage-japanese-woman-traditional-purse-with-dark-violet-ornament-9898349

Go to Patrick’s Etsy corner, LuckyDarumaVintage, for more!

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