Personalized Silver & Gold Jewelry, Yoga Bracelets, Birthstones & More

If you’re looking for a cool gift for Christmas, a wonderful birthday present, or just something to spoil yourself- handmade silver jewelry is always the way to go!
Different people have different taste in jewelry, and with silver being so beautiful, easy to work with and affordable- the possibilities are endless!

Silver jewelry come in many forms.
You have a lot of talented jewellers out there making beautiful name necklaces from silver– placing your name written in silver in a stylish font- or any other word you like.
These silver name necklaces are often even made with a different finish, like gold or rose gold- making them as beautiful as rose gold- but still in the price ranges of high quality sterling silver!

You can also have a necklace with just the first letter of your name, or the name of the person you’re giving this necklace too- and it will look just as good (or even better..)
There are also some unique necklaces that contain more than one first letter- making them perfect for a mother (with the initials of her kids) or for a couple (including their 2 initials and a heart!)

Some sterling silver or gold jewellers choose to share their love for god in their work, combining crosses in necklaces or even rings.. Making them your signature jewelry pieces– that one ring or necklace you’d simply take anywhere…

Another great idea for an amazing gift is a necklace or a bracelet- featuring birthstones! Made from either gold or sterling silver- these pieces combine semi-precious stones that are intwined with your month of births and/or astrological sign. They are mostly used as a mother’s day gift, or a Christmas gift for your mom- as you can order them to contain the birthstones of your mom and you and your siblings!

Did you like all the amazing jewelry you’ve seen so far on this post?
They all have 2 things in common-
1. They were all made by hand from high quality silver/gold.
2. They were all made by the same person!

With the simple and inspiring motto of “Make Happy, Be Happy”, Jason is a wonderful jewelry designer and silversmith. He’s the owner of an Etsy shop called- Silveristic

I truly believe that unique and personalized gifts, made by skilled artisans still have a place in a world where almost everything is being mass produced. That is what drives me in crafting beautiful handmade jewelry — personalized to your requests.

Jason states in his bio.

I have been in the jewelry business for more than 15 years, but my story really started a few years ago when I realized how much of the online jewelry market was dominated by generic and impersonal mass produced designs. I always believed that jewelry should help you express your individuality and stand out, not about wearing exactly the same as everyone else.

I craft all my products from solid sterling silver (925) and make finishes from other precious metals such as gold and rose gold for elegant and timeless designs right here in Dallas Texas.

Another unique piece from Jason’s shop is this beautiful yoga-chakra bracelet!
Containing 7 pieces of semi-precious stones, all symbolizing different aspect of our lives.. Used for protection, empowerment and to connect to your inner self while meditating or doing yoga!

As his creative mind is never-resting, you’ll always have new surprises with Jason and his shop! The way to always stay connected and be the first to see new jewelry-art-work or hear of potential sales is through Jason’s social media channels!

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Find out more on Silveristic Etsy shop!

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