Vintage Linen Gift Ideas & Rare Vintage Finds

The love of vintage is a strong emotion for a lot of people I know.
While some of us have the time to go to garage sales and unique vintage markets across the country, there are a lot of people who can’t find the time to do these things- or don’t know where they could get vintage items to begin with.

For those vintage lovers with no time- we have Maria!

pillowcase-pillowcover-vintage-bedding-girls-bedding-twin-bedding-shabby-chic-cottage-chic-handmade-hand-embroidered-29x1622-4620624 tablecover-with-4-napkins-tablecloth-set-tea-linens-hand-painted-flowers-fringe-edges-cottage-chic-decor-3322-square-table-topper-4924288
hand-crochted-doilies-shabby-chic-lot-of-two-circa-1960s-6091009 childs-vintage-hand-crocheted-gloves-1930s-little-girls-gloves-vintage-child-accessory-flower-girl-gloves-easter-gloves-pink-gloves-9398215

Maria, along with her husband John, are the faces behind MAISONDELINGE Etsy shop- a place for vintage linen, china and other antiquities. With more than 300 vintage items in stock at the moment- Maria’s passion for vintage is insatiable and she often finds herself in estate sales and vintage markets- getting more and more beautiful and rare pieces of time- to present to her buyers in her shop.


Maria opened her store in 2012, and ever since she’s been a busy-bee getting everyone- rare items from all over the world!

Personal statement from Maria on her shop MAISONDELINGE:

French Vintage and Antique Linens from the finest estate sales. Gorgeous needle lace, crocheted lace, doilies, tea towels, tablecloths, table runners and more. View the exquisite handiwork that gives these linens of old their timeless beauty. The gorgeous vibrant embroidery, the shimmering damask and the silky feel of fine linen make these pieces of the past timeless and ageless.

Take a tour of my Linge de Maison (House of Linens) and enjoy the fine collectible items from France, Italy, Ireland and America that will add a kiss of old world charm to any decor!

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