The Unique Ice Cream Fashion Collection of Sweet Tooth Brand

With a passion for modeling, and for fashion design, Haley Sean started a new venture on Etsy with her Ice Cream line of clothing. Designing unique ice cream icons for hoodies, long sleeve shirts, short shirts, beanies, and more- Haley’s shop is a unique boutique for all of you out there with a sweet tooth and a craving to live life to the fullest!

Ice Cream Polo Shirts for Men

One of the most unique and eye-catching items in Haley’s shop- Sweet Tooth Brand, is her special ice-cream polo shirts for men. A simple and elegant design that goes right in her aspiration – becoming the next ralph Lauren !

Ice Cream Winter Fashion

With the winter right in our doorstep, Haley designed some sweet sweet long sleeved shirts, a special ice cream icon bomber jacket, as well as a collection of sweet tooth beanies- some with the sweet logo statement embroidered on top, and others- with the sweet ice cream logo icon!

The Double Sided Ice Cream Hoodie

While I adore the small icon of the ice cream, giving the clothing line a sweet minimal touch, I loved seeing Haley’s double side printed hoodies- with the ice cream icon on the front side of the hoodie, and a full ice cream design printed on the back of the hoodie… These hoodies are truly- sweet all over!

Haley has a true entrepreneurial spirit, and as a mom for a sweet boy- she’s not giving up on her dreams of owning a successful clothing brand. Something, I can appreciate dearly.
As this shop progresses there will always be more to see on Haley’s shop.

So go ahead to Etsy and visit SweetToothBrand shop & don’t forget to favorite it- to always see her new items

as they go online!

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