Nursery Nightlights & Magical Wooden Shelves

Decorating a nursery is truly an important task for a new parent. You want to make sure that the room is filled with useful items- that are also uniquely fit for a baby…. That means picking these must-have utilities in the room- that are also magical, soothing, and create a wonderland of sorts!
So, if magical is what you have in mind for your baby girl or boy- check out HappyWoodyLimited Etsy shop!

The reason we love this Etsy shop so much is simple- they use safe colors for your baby! Their Handmade wooden products are all painted with eco-friendly acrylic paint which is non-toxic and water based!

Magical wooden nursery nightlights

HappyWoodyLimited is a special Etsy boutique where you’ll find the most adorable wooden nightlights for your nursery. These handcrafted nursery night lights come in a variety of shapes, and create a unique feeling like the walls are the sky above! You’ll find special nursery moon nightlights, as well as clouds, and even hot air balloons!

Unique nursery cloud shelves

To make the design complete- all you need is to add a few clouds! For that, HappyWoodyLimited designed some unique wooden cloud shelves for kids rooms and nurseries that you’ll absolutely adore!
You can use these cloud nursery shelves to store books, toiletries, even little stuffed plushies!

Follow the MAGIC

These unique and magical nursery decor items are not only on Etsy!
HappyWoodyLimited also have their own website– with more of their unique designs and special nursery decor ideas! You could also find this shop on social media.
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For more unique wooden night lights for kids, and adorable nursery cloud shelves

Visit HappyWoodyLimited Etsy shop today!

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