When Art Takes Over…


Art is everywhere, and many people have earned the right to be called artists. Musicians, graphic designers, painters and dancers. They are all artists.

But whats really beautiful about art is the fact that people can take one art and have it inspire them to do another. When that happens you know that a person is truly an artist at heart.

One good example is Kevin Brightman.
A uniquely gifted musician in inspirational music, as well as a brand owner for a clothing line with music inspired prints.

After having such an amazing “cinderella” story, Kevin found himself moving from the streets of Harlem to concert halls in Manhattan- and his line of prints is not less inspiring. He sells his print collection on Spreadshirt, a website that allows one to upload their own design or text and have them presented on top of a shirt, or any other everyday accessory item. His store on Spreadshirt is called: One Change.

The shirts in his store carry inspiring words like “JOY”, or phrases like “Born ready”, “Too blessed to be stressed”, ” All is well”, and “Everything must change”.
The designs are light and fun, sometimes a bit comic-like, but always so a brightening colour or unique fun font.

There are 2 main reasons why I enjoyed seeing that Kevin had decided to share his art and open a profile with Spreadshirt:
1. The website allows you to make adjustments for designs- making the shirt feel more like you and who you are.

And- 2. Is that the designs are printed on to a huge variety of tshirts & sweatshirts that will fit both men and women, as well as giving you other items available with a design you like, like an adjustable apron or a water bottle.

You can see more of Kevin’s designs in his Spreadshirt store:
One Change. If you love optimism and music inspired clothes-

you’ll adore what he has to offer!

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