One of a Kind Unique Mexican Jewelry


Looking for unique jewelry and necklaces that will turn heads as you walk by? Searching for that special item that will make you feel like a movie star? Meet Karla!

A special Mexican women, living in Texas, with an eye for everything that is beautiful!

In her shop, AnimisaShop, you’ll find some unique jewelry pieces, golden necklaces, open necklaces, and even matching earrings to create a special looking set! While knowing that most women wear the same jewelry- Karla was looking for unique pieces. After her search for that truly OOAK necklace- Karla came across talented jewelry artists and brought them on board. They make these beautiful jewelry items, using special gemstones like Moonstone, Rose Quarts, and more, while Karla handles things like costumer service, shipping, marketing, and the daily operations of the shop!

And… Well… Why am I even talking so much about these necklaces- when I could just show you how amazing they would look on you?

If you like Karla’s collection of statement necklaces- go ahead and visit her on Instagram! Her account is as special as the jewelry in her shop- with beautiful cut-out photos cut in 6:

Visit AnimisaShop for more of these
beautiful artistic jewelry!

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