Handcrafted Wooden Rings & Unique Jewelry from Montreal!

If you’re looking for something truly unique, an accessory like no other, a jewelry piece that symbolizes your connection to nature- you need a wooden ring!

While most people believe it doesn’t get any better than a golden ring, the truth is that every person is different, and your interests and habits play a part in your accessory selection…
Lucky for wood-jewelry-lovers, stores like Atelier du bon bouleau exist!

Atelier du bon bouleau wood workshop is owned by Mathieu Chaume from Montreal, and his unique wooden ring designs will make any outfit shine, any day brighter, and will simply fit you instantly.

Here are some of my personal favorite wooden rings from Mathieu’s Etsy shop Atelier du bon bouleau:

As you can see- a lot of Mathieu’s wooden rings are mixed with other materials like Concrete, diamonds, high quality gold and more!

If you’d like to know more about Atelier du bon bouleau Etsy shop– visit it on Etsy and read about it in their about us section!
This store, and it’s items, truly are- one of a kind!

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