Handmade Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers and Wedding Decor


With almost 500 sales under their belt, Janet Senecal and Vanessa Pinto from Massachusetts own the next Etsy store you’ll need to visit if you’re planning a wedding any time soon! Selling unique handmade wedding cake toppers and wedding decorative, the pair is truly an Etsy success story- with a 5 star rating from ALL of their customers!

The store is essentially named after it’s creators and working hand-women: JVCountryCreations (J for Janet and V for Vanessa).

Most of the items in their store are either a great way for you to top your wedding cake, or decorative items for table numbers on your big day, however, seasonal items may appear in certain times of the year, and other wedding decorative items. Everyone wants there wedding to be special, but achieving this can be stressful. There’s so much to think about, from picking the perfect dress to finding a talented photographer so you will have gorgeous pictures to look back on (consider Olga Topchii Photographer). It’s nice that sellers like this exist that help us make our day that bit more special and make all that stress worth it!
Here are some of the items I personally liked from their store:

Their store is filled with so many ideas!!
From table numbers on top of wine bottles, to cross cake toppings, from Initials cake toppers to engraved coasters and much more!

Knowing that weddings are uniquely personal events- most of the items in their store can be personalized to your liking by engraving the happy couple’s initial and/or wedding date!

The sellers don’t just rely on Etsy sales and shipping and they are often participating in wedding and event-planning events. This photo was taken at one of these events- with their lovely items in a lovely homy booth:

If you want to make sure that you’ll always know about new products. sales and events that their store is participating in- make sure to LIKE them on Facebook! You could also follow them on Instagram for more images of beautiful items, like this charming tree ornament for a bride & groom’s first Xmas together:

For much more from these 2 ladies- visit their Etsy store!
Enjoy your wedding day 🙂

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