Custom Logo Tshirts & Fashion Accessories

These days- you could get anything online, and personalized in the name of the game!
There are simply more and more people who need customized items: sports teams, offices, big families, event planners- and more that are all looking for similar websites to SleekWristbands.com that can offer their business some sort of branded item solution for marketing purposes , no matter what they’re actually trying to market!

In some areas you could go to a local tshirt print shop and bring a logo that could be printed on generic tshirts, but in most areas you won’t find that. When you do find a place like that- the options are very limited.
So, if you need sport team outfits, company logo hoodies or a personalized hat- you should defiantly check out GlamourTees on Etsy.

GlamourTees is an Etsy store dedicated to creating the items you like!
Owned by Cheryl Carter Runnels, this store has more than just items. It has a story.

I have been a designer for over forty years (says Cheryl,) making home furnishings, restaurant quality dinnerware and tabletop accessories, contemporary and better (bridge) jewelry, bath and personal care products, junior and designer sportswear.

While on the fast track, I have sold to many upscale stores and restaurants such as Neiman Marcus, Walt Disney World, Nordstrom Cafe, St.. John Home and St. John Knits, Macy’s N.E., the Smithsonian Museum, Marshall Fields, Peet’s Coffee and Tea and more.

After becoming a widow in 2000, I devoted my time to my son and became a soccer mom, hence the soccer shirts. I attend games almost every weekend.

Cheryl is also selling beautiful shawl/blanket items:

So if you like what you see, if you think that what your son’s soccer team needs is her outfits, if you think that her accessories would be perfect for your friend’s wedding, or if your office is having a huge party and want to be branded properly- visit Cheryl’s store!

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